Hey there! I’m Adelyn, college girl, lover of her Creator, and I’m so glad you decided to stop by. I believe God created us with a beautiful purpose, a holy purpose. I believe he desires so much more for us than what we settle for.

I have spent much of my nineteen years knowing about God and being okay with this being enough. I grew up in a really amazing family very involved in ministry. I knew the talk. I knew the verses. I knew how to make my ‘faith’ sound eloquent. I had no idea who God was.

In every single one of us, there is a hunger for a perfect love that only comes from Christ. Unfortunately, I spent years looking for this love in all the wrong places. I pursued the affirmation of others in order to feel fulfilled. In order to feel ‘good enough,’ I had to have someone telling me that I was. I thought that if I was to be wanted, someone had to tell me that I was wanted. I was not worthy unless another person told me.

And not just once. They had to tell me over and over again. For you see, this is a pursuit of lackluster love. It is settling for something less than what God desires for us and it will not satisfy our need for love. No longer is my past of settling for lackluster life enough. I want more. So today I invite you to join me in this pursuit of all that is lacklusterless.

This is my personal journey. It’s not always pretty. I struggle and have questions and yes, I even doubt sometimes. But God doesn’t care. He just loves that I am hungering for his perfect love. This is my testimony of how we can be lacklusterless in everything we do – not just when we quote scripture or sing worship songs or pray. It is a continuous journey involving every aspect of my life and I’m excited to have you alongside me.


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