Sleepy Sunday Thoughts


  • I’ve missed you. I’ve missed writing. Someday soon I’ll do another one of those verbal processing posts you somehow have to courage to read and even respond and share. You all always blow me away with your reaction to those. Thank you for loving me through my mess. But for today, we’re just talking bullet points and sleepy Sunday afternoon thoughts.
  • Such as my turning into a plant lady. Apparently this is the new cat lady and I’m feeling pretty good about this. So are my twelve plants. Yes, twelve.
  • I’m also increasingly aware that the older I get (we’re talking twenty now, so yeah, you know, getting up there), but yes the older I get, the more I fail to notice things. For example, the other day I knocked my globe off the bookshelf and the spherical part fell of the axis. I preceded to put it on upside down. And so it stayed for five days. FIVE DAYS, you guys. But whatever, it sparked an interesting conversation as to the origin and nature of North and South. Good stuff.
  • Speaking of good stuff. I helped my Dad go through his closet yesterday afternoon and gleefully claimed some of those good 80’s style sweaters – you know, the big stripes and bold colors, and turtle necks that make it almost to my knees. My mom’s comment when I waltzed downstairs in my favorite of my newfound treasures: “I used to wear that all the time when I was pregnant with you.” Great. Apparently all good things do not come to an end.
  • Though my grades may disagree with that statement because goodness gracious this engagement ring is the most distracting thing. (Thanks, Seth, for picking out one that is so freaking pretty and sparkly. I’m obsessed). I may have stared at it for fifteen minutes when I was supposed to be writing an essay on the introduction of the telephone and it’s impact on the family structure. Blah. I think the sparkles may have distracted the person trying to diligently focus beside me. Sorry about that bud.

One thought on “Sleepy Sunday Thoughts

  1. Adelaide says:

    This fantastically creative and radiant lady, this bride-to-be, I get to know! Oh where have the days flown? Come see us with your fiancé (he gets that name too!) sometime soon! Xo


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