We Celebrated a Year, Sailboat Brigades, and Flying Silverware


The guy and I celebrated a year yesterday (a YEAR, peoples! That’s exciting stuff and I love this man of mine!) There were picnics on piers with Japanese takeout and pink lemonade. And a shared fork because the wind stole our other one along with the plastic bag, but no worries, Seth faithfully waited on the edge of the lake for it to float over.


There were precious old men having motor sailboat brigades. Seriously, you guys, they were the cutest!


The guy gave me my most favorite piece of jewelry ever. Get this, I mentioned my love of rose gold back in August and he has remembered it since then and even picked this out all by himself! What a keeper.


We found a dream couple (Hey guys, I’ve got a couple crush on your cuteness and canoe and dog, too.) and blue skies and sunshine and perfect weather.


This boat may look sketchy but it was ready to go and I’ve never been so tempted to hop in it and enjoy the sunshine…if only the old men sailboat brigade weren’t watching.


Ah it was such a perfect day and my man is the best. But it’s time to scoot up (fly up?) to New York for a few days of doing touristy stuff with no shame so prepare yourselves for a multitude of photos!


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