Be Loved. Beloved.


In fifth grade, I was given a pair of bright pink crocs. Outrageous in every way, but they went perfectly with my dresser full of gauchos and closet full of long, skinny scarves which matched with the layers on layers of brightly colored tanks, so the crocs stuck around. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just google 2000’s fashion. I blame my middle school woes completely on the fashion faux pas that was the 2000’s.

Anyway, the crocs. They were perfect in every situation – waterproof and floatable for afternoons spent down at the creek; I could add jibitz to dress them up for church; throw on a pair of socks, lace around the top, of course, when it was cold. I loved those things so much so that they had holes in the soles within 6 months. Sixth grade year, I figured it was time to grow up and went with a pair of black mary jane crocs. They were traded out for a pair of black converse when I realized crocs weren’t quite as cool as I originally thought.

Fashion is a funny thing. We become obsessed with a style and then 10 years later, we look back and call it the greatest mistake of the century. Oh, we are such fickle people; but we sure do love those trends outrageously.

Outrageous: going beyond all standards of what is right or decent.

This fall has been a funny time of realizing, much like these fashion trends, how outrageous my faith is. I wouldn’t want anything less than that because God is an outrageous God.

He knows no limits. There is nothing he will not do for the sake of love. He loves outrageously because that is how he loves, that is who he is. I try to understand his ways and his methods but they go ‘beyond all standards of what is right or decent.’ They know no boundaries. They are unfamiliar with the paradigms of love we try to cast upon them. His love says that there is nothing that will separate us from him. There is nothing we can do to receive more love because he already promises us it all. And so, he loves because that is what he does – he is the one who loves. That is who he is – he is the lover.

That’s just who he is. You’re welcome to try to understand; but expect to be overwhelmed by the outrageous nature of it. We cast him aside, condemn him, and he returns with the most extreme gesture. He gives his life for our sake. Be loved. That is who you are – the beloved. That is why you were chosen – to be loved.

Get rid of everything you expect love to be, cast aside all paradigms, because he promises he will love you outrageously every day from forever until eternity. He loves in order to set you free. That’s just who he is. It’s not an act. There is no effort. It is just his nature.

I AM…Lover. I AM…Love.

His perfect love casts out all fear, all hesitation. There is no room for fear in the presence of love. His love hates fear. There is no need, no desire, no threat of any sort because his love is complete. It is good. It is perfect. It is outrageous. His love is powerful beyond anything we know. And so, be loved.

You are beloved.

That is who you are. That is who you were created to be. In that, you know completion. You experience complete joy, complete peace, complete knowledge of who you are. Give him any obstacle that is keeping you from his love because he loves you as you are right now. He will always love you as you are right now because that is how he sees you, how he knows you, how he created you. Set yourself free from how you see yourself. Be loved. That’s who you are. And love him back. Outrageously. He has so many places he wants to take you – new levels of outrageous love. New ways of completion. New adventures with no fear for love knows no fear.

So, be loved. Be loved outrageously. That is who you are – the one who is loved outrageously: beloved. The God who only knows outrageous love said ‘I love you. You are mine. I love you for who you are, right now, in this moment because that is who I am. That is what I do. That is just my nature. I love. I love you. I want to love you for all eternity. I will love you always and will never stop loving you.’

Be loved.


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