Seek Adventure. Yeah – I said it.


A recruiter from Waffle House spoke to my Communication Theory class this morning. For half an hour, he waxed eloquently about the excellent career move that starts by being a manager for Waffle House. For thirty minutes, he talked salary. Money. Wealth. There was no talk of values or service, just money. Fidgeting with my pencil, I watched my classmates during his presentation. The majority payed closer attention to him than they ever do to our professor – the assistant chair of the department. Money catches attention.

I understand students wanting a return for their investment in college. I pay for my tuition, room, board, leisure activities, clothes, whatever. I get it. College is expensive. But I’m not sure I’m willing to be swayed by the idea of a six figure salary.

Am I alone? Maybe I’m a romantic, but I want more. Perhaps I’m foolish, but the salary of a job really means nothing to me. So what do I want? I want my life to be wrapped up in the adventure that comes from following Christ. I’m not some kind of ‘super christian,’ I’ve just tasted the thrill in adventure of a life that is the Father’s and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to lose my desire for that.

There’s an article circulating about the dangers of seeking the next great adventure. If you’re on Facebook, it has likely shown up on your news feed and essentially everywhere you look. It has a good point – be content with where you are right now; but there’s a danger in that. Don’t seek the next adventure, seek the great adventure. Go anywhere, do anything to see his face, to be a part of his adventure.

How much do you trust him to offer yourself and say “here I am, send me”? How far are you willing to go? That’s the key question – how far. Will you seek security in a salary or will you give up anything, go anywhere, be completely willing for the sake of the greatest adventure.

I’m quietly giggling to myself as I sit writing this in my dorm room because I can’t get Steven Curtis Chapman’s song, relevantly titled “The Great Adventure”, out of my head. It goes:

Let’s follow our Leader

Into the glorious unknown

This is a life like no other

This is the great adventure

How far are you willing to go? What keeps you from joining in on this adventure – salary, security, comfort? What do you place ahead of the Father?

Will you join me in the greatest adventure? Go anywhere. Do anything. Chase where he is. Oh, this brings the greatest fulfillment, the greatest security – an eternal security. What would it look like if students pursued jobs after college based on where God was moving rather than the best career move? Can you imagine that. Chase where he is. Be a part of what he is doing in the world.

I love adventure with regards to how the word is most often used – exciting, unusual, typically hazardous activities. But I want more. I want adventure that brings completion, peace, the greatest excitement, the most intense joy, an overwhelming thrill that happens when you say “yes, Lord, I am yours. Send me. Use me. Let me join you and adventure with you.” Can you imagine a better adventure partner than our creator?


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