A Brief Update: Rain and Ducks

  • Not having a rain jacket is not the wisest decision I’ve ever made as it hasn’t stopped raining in Boone for the last 12 years. I’m an avid lover of rain but this is a touch ridiculous. Please sent a boat and rescue me.
  • Comfort colors is great, but these t-shirts do not dry. So if anyone has a spare shirt and would like to bring it to the Wired Scholar (Boone coffeeshops, you’re so funny), I would probably marry you on the spot as I’m pretty sure I’m getting hypothermia (no joke).
  • I puddle jumped with a posse of ducks which may have been the highlight of my entire career at Appalachian if it weren’t for what happened after that:
  •  Ducks like water. We all know that. But it seems even the ducks are mildly offended with this incessant rain resulting in my new favorite duck of all the ducks in the duck world jumping into my arms (this is real, people) and tucking his precious face into my jacket. I can now leave Appalachian a happy woman.
  • And finally, completely unrelated to ducks and rain, I’m looking for people deeply interested in the making of blanket forts to hide from the rain in (ok, so not completely unrelated from rain). So if this sounds enticing in the least, let me know and let’s build a fort and curl up in it for hours with books and popcorn and Bon Iver.

That’s all, precious ones! Thanks for bearing with my homework frazzled and sleep deprived mind. (It’s a joy and delight.)


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