I Don’t Mind the Boone Fall








As soon as I reach the weekend, I tend to stop and breathe for a hot minute (maybe 20 hot minutes if we’re being generous here) before jumping into the weekend.

There’s this funny rush, you see, to fit in as many experiences as possible into the 28 hour span of pure bliss before Sunday hits and you remember the mass amounts of papers to write and books to read and exams to study for that you ignored so you could finally ‘relax.’ (excuse that excessively long sentence channeling Victor Hugo and we’ll just keep going)

I’m completely convinced that fall in Boone is incomparable to anywhere else. Even in mid to late September, the mornings are already blissfuly crisp. The leaves are already changing to those beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. Iced coffee and cold brew is being traded for gingerbread lattes and peppermint tea. And in three weeks, all the leaves will be gone; and they’ll stay gone until after we leave for summer break (I kid you not). We’ll start seeing chances of snow. Yes – even towards the end of October. All the flannels disappear from anywhere and everywhere you can find flannels and they all appear on campus. Sure, they’re cute, but they’re also just about the only weather appropriate thing that can be worn when it’s 39 in the morning and 72 in the afternoon.

So for now, I’ll savor the sweet serenity of afternoons spent on the patio at Comeback shack with my handsome honey, evenings watching the sun go down and the stars creep out, nights swinging in enos between trees, and mornings riding on the parkway with my favorite curly hair, blue eyed beauty. Oh, fall in Boone is so sweet!


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