Summer Mission Update


Hey precious ones, Sorry it’s been so very quiet around here the last few weeks. Finishing up the semester is a crazy time but be on the lookout for a post in the next few days! I wanted to take today just to give a little update on where I am with my Cru Summer Mission. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here to get caught up on the details!

I’m so encouraged by the friends and family who have committed to supporting me not only financially, but in prayer.  I’m emailing to give you an update on where I stand with raising financial support for the trip as well as a few excited updates and to answer a few questions.

As of May 4, I have received responses from 26 people who want to partner with me.  Altogether this group of people have contributed $2185 with gifts ranging from $5 to $250. Every single gift is valuable to me and I am so grateful and encouraged.  

Others have communicated to me that they want to partner financially with me, but they have not sent in a check.  I want to make it easy for you, so here is a link that will enable you to make your contribution online

I’ve received a lot of great questions about the trip and would love to take a few minutes to answer the most frequent ones:
What happens if you don’t receive all the money?
  • I have committed to serving in Santa Cruz this summer and will still be going even if I am not able to raise all of the support. What this means is I will have to personally pay for the remaining amount which could make it difficult to continue paying for my schooling at Appalachian State University. While I know this is definitely a possibility, I trust that this is really where God wants me to be and he will provide however he best sees fit.

$5000 seems like a lot of money.  Why does it cost that much?

  • This includes, food, lodging, airfare, and funds for different outreach trips and socials we will be doing. If you would like a more detailed breakdown of the budget, shoot me an email and I’d love to get one sent your way!
You mentioned that you’ll be working.  If you’re going to be working, why does it cost so much?
  • Because the summer mission is all college students, they encourage us to get a job. For some, this reduces the amount they need to raise because they use the money they earn to fund the trip. For others, me included, we pay all or part of our college tuition and need to work during summers in order to do this. I personally pay for all of my college so the money I make from working this summer will be used to pay for my tuition. This is a huge blessing for me because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to participate in such a neat opportunity.
I wish I could spend the summer in Santa Cruz.  Why should I give money so that you can spend your summer in Southern California?
  • When I first started praying about spending my summer doing missions with Cru, I didn’t even consider Santa Cruz because the idea of being so far away was not enticing to me at all. But God had other plans and made it very clear that this is where he wants me to be. Yes, California sounds exciting for sure, but it won’t be all sunbathing and surfing on the West Coast. Actually, there will be very little of that. We will be living in recognizably one of the rougher parts of Santa Cruz, working at least 40 hours a week, and spending a greater majority of the rest of our time doing mission outreach and leadership training. It’s going to be neat to get to see California and experience the opposite side of the country, but it’s a lot of hard work – neat work without a doubt, but it’s not hanging out on the beach for an entire summer.
I have some friends who have a heart for college students and may be interested in supporting you. Is it okay if I send your information along to them?
  • Absolutely! Please email me if you want a copy of my letter and I would love for you to forward it on to anyone you think may be interested in supporting me. What’s so neat about having such a large amount to raise is that it really takes a small army to get me there. It would be such a blessing for you to help me build my army of financial supporters and prayer warriors.
It’s past the deadline to give on your letter, can I still support you?
  • Yes! I will actually continue accepting support through July 1st. The reason there was a deadline on the letter was to see if it was going to even be possible for me to go because I had more than 90% of support left to raise at that point. Since sending my letter out three weeks ago, I have received nearly $1700. That’s both exciting and so very humbling!

A few more quick updates and praises.

  1. Our lodging for the summer, the Peter Pan Motel, was actually condemned a few weeks ago. The trip was homeless for a bit but we have found lodging at a local church! We will be living in Sunday school rooms, sleeping on cots, and showering in a trailer out back – it’s not glamorous but our team is not about to be stopped by a condemned building!
  2. Last week I was offered the opportunity to fly out a week early to babysit a couple of the Cru staff’s kids while they are in prep meetings. My new departure date is May 23. Unfortunately, this is the same date as my brother, Josiah’s, graduation. I have found a flight which should allow me to attend at least part of the ceremony. As much as I would love to be there to celebrate with him, this is a huge blessing as it will provide just about enough to cover my travel expenses, reducing the my goal amount to $4500!
  3. So how much do I have left to raise? $2315 – still a bit to go but God provides and I am so encouraged by all the support – both financially and through prayer, and encouragement!
I am so thankful for you guys and have been so blessed and humbled by the response I have gotten in the last few weeks! I so appreciate any words of wisdom, encouragement, scripture, or prayer that you would like to share with me. Please do not hesitate to email, text, or call with any questions you have!
Adelyn Finley

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