Just Some Things On Two Saturdays


The end of the semester is a funny thing. Loose ends are being tied – both with relationships and classes. There’s an odd combination of weariness and excitement for a break, a chance to sleep, and time to ignore the pursuit of all that higher education brings us. The stress and exhaustion is plainly seen in trash bins overflowing with the socially acceptable drug we endorse (I’m talking caffeine here), the stumbling to class in sweats only to then stumble to the library to work on that paper and then stumble to the dining hall because you have to eat. But in the midst of the stumbling and push that is the final weeks of the semester, we seek some sort of a distraction – an interruption. For my group, we take full advantage of going to school in such a stunning place and hide away on top of mountains.


Unfortunately for me, frisbee is much loved by seemingly all Mountaineers. I seemed to have missed the frisbee gene, however, and have no ability when it comes to lobbing a plastic disk in the general direction of someone else; but at least the camera gives me an excuse to steer clear of all such lobbing.


There was giggling and reminiscing about the past bunch of months…


…Giggling that continued with the guy. Well I giggled. He’s manly and chuckles.


There was dirty dancing attempts – some more successful than others.


There was just sitting and taking this is. Being still. Worshiping the unfathomable God that created such unfathomable beauty.


There was coercing and heavy encouraging to let me work on portraits. Thanks for letting me shoot you, my dears. Aren’t they such pretty people.

DSC_0024     DSC_0035-side

There were quite mornings and reflective evenings. We discovered you can fit fifteen people comfortably in a 14×11 dorm room.


Because there is never enough wandering, we wander more and find places that look like New Zealand. I really am continuously in awe of the quiet beauty that makes up the Blue Ridge Mountains around Boone.


These are the weekends and the photos we will look back on in fifty years, sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch, laughing and reminiscing over the yesteryear. We will wish for the days we were young, long for the Saturdays spent running on top of mountains, but love the memories and the friendships and the growth these days have brought. So pursue your Saturdays for they are fleeting; but not so fast you dream them away.


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