Food and Burial Requests






A Southern Easter is no joke when it comes to food. We like our food to never fit on one plate and our tea to be so sweet you can see the sugar settling at the bottom. If you disagree with this being the correct (and only) way to drink tea, we can fight. I’m down.

Side note, when I die, I would like my 50mm lens to be buried with me. You guys, I’m obsessed. I always forget how much I love this little guy because he’s usually attached to the film camera. But man, the tediousness of manual focus is so worth it. So is the super cute eye squinting that goes down. Photographers you know what I’m talking about. Whatever side of the face isn’t peering through the viewfinder feels the need to get as small as possible resulting in half your face reacting as if you ate an entire lemon. I’m telling you, it’s real cute.


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