Weekend in Review


There was driving which called for intense jamming and head banging, of course.


Food was consumed at the cutest of places. Seriously you guys, this place was called Mayberry’s. Does it get any cuter?


Craftiness was attempted.


So was statistics which resulted in the guy (the guy, meet blog, blog meet the guy) acting like anyone would when faced with statistic problems of unmeasurable pain.


Thankfully the guy has a beauty of an older sister who made statistics much less painful – ensue jokes involving Alpha.


Statistics continued with the added help of the guy’s sister’s guy (got that?). The guy has the sister of immense beauty. The sister of immense beauty has a Mister. The guy loathes statistics. The sister and the sister’s mister helped make the guy’s statistics less loathed.


The guy’s sister and the sister’s mister are cute.


Statistics was still loathed but the guy gets nervous when he hears the camera shutter resulting in the embarrassed “Adelyn enough of that” face. I kind of like this face.


The guy’s sister and the sisters mister have a dog with the most wrinkled of faces and furrowed of brows. And here ends a weekend in review.


2 thoughts on “Weekend in Review

  1. Rebecca Leigh says:

    You don’t know me yet …. But that’s my second family and the guy is my second little brother 🙂 And I thoroughly enjoyed this photographed review!! Miss them tons and hopefully will get to meet you one day 🙂


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