A Simple Yes


When we say “Yes” to God, he holds us close and whispers in our ear, “You are enough, you are worthy, you are mine, and I love you.”

Too often, I let the enemy draw near and feed me lies – lies that usually have to do with my worth. I am not doing enough. I am not good enough. I am not wanted. In my weakness and in my confusion of who God is, I echo these things to Christ. I tell him I am not worthy to come before him. I tell him I do not have the ability to be a light in the darkness. I tell him there is no way he could love me after I have stumbled. And ever so gently, God says “Adelyn, you are not perfect, but I am. You are not able, but I am. You are not worthy or enough or holy, but I am. And when you said ‘Yes’ to me, you became mine. And when you became mine, in my eyes you became worthy. You are worthy. You are enough. Because of me, you are blameless and holy.”

When we say “Yes” to God, we are surrendering our grace-less lives and exchanging them for the freedom of living under God’s terms. And let me tell you, his terms are perfect. These terms allow us to stumble but for God to pick us up and say “You are still blameless.”

He has drawn us close to him by a red rope of grace. A lifeline that was made possible two thousand years ago with the death of his son. No longer do we have to do anything, we just have to say yes. And this doesn’t happen just once. It happens over and over again. A life of pursuing Christ is one where we never stop saying yes.

Yes, you are God. Yes, I am yours. Yes, you are good. Yes, God, you are good to me.

Despite it all, God, somehow you are good to me. Nothing I did merited this. Nothing I have done and will do can take this away. You are good to me.

When we begin to see ourselves how God sees us, we are saying he is good. We are acknowledging his power to make us new. When we are able to say “Yes, I am pure because God says I am pure. I am wanted because he wants me. I am beautiful and holy and able because he said it was so,” we are declaring that God is good enough. He is powerful enough. We are simply saying yes to him, and this is all he asks – a simple yes.


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